Qualities of Dadaism

Continuation of Cubism:

Dadaizm of Cubist previously, appeared as a devaj. Just like cubism / ingredients have resisted before, has not only depict the external appearance of the subject, has tried to show the geometry of the mind. Thus, art, and sought to recover the goods from the surface.

Dadaism, later suddenly were deterred from these views and ideas. Everything, but everything began to rebel.

Skepticism in Dadaism:

Skepticism, positive or negative, there is no definite conclusions cannot, find a suitable way of thinking is to remain in doubt.

Dadaism, wandering back around to the accuracy of anything and did not believe in the existence. That goes beyond romance, argued that the mind has no value. The rear of the First World War as the meaninglessness of life and the nature of the shimmering efforts especially humorous literary artists (= humor) was snubbed by the way. All literary currents laughed. Understanding of literary art found in the different attitudes and efforts meaningless.

Time has occurred in a part of the psychological imbalance, and everything that makes an effort to counter the effects seen in America and even Dadaism was never long life, six years after the birth of the effect is lost.

Although this is such Dadaism, Switzerland, France and in other countries rampage at a meeting organized through the fuss, albeit sarcastic to the attention of the art world had been able to all. But his seat is flimsy foundations have collapsed quickly.

Dadaism, and was applied to the field of theater but does not deny the fact that not a great success.

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