In Literature Dadaism

People from the bondage of the mind and the mind from the order established; The art of language, meter, rhyme, form, meaning to recover from anxiety; and customary meaning of the words known to combine aesthetic arrangement outside the rules of conduct; stereotypes all the systems, rules, traditions to deny, to break down; as a rule adopt on the basis of irregularity has been established.

During the First World War and the war that began in the years following confusion and pessimism, self and society in the corruption of morals, beliefs, shake, top and bottom values ​​to be; a deep despair, everything was met with suspicion by the younger generation in society and conventional in the art and destroy everything that has led to the rejection.

Tristan Tzara’s Larousse dictionary randomly from a young poet named hungry come across a page where “dada ” posed by the adoption of the word (February1916) Dadaism, severe resented.

The lack of precise information about the origin of the name but in French, ” toy wooden horse “, meaning “Dada” created by that person’s name is selected as literary movements are a sight direction.

Born and raised in Switzerland during the war in 1919-1920 in France in the period of the most ardent minds, in terms of recovery of prejudices found a positive side to this anarchist movement in 1922, has been mentioned, then replaced has left surrealism.

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