Futurism in Music

Arthur Honegger’s name, except those who are interested in music is not a name that everyone knows. This Swiss musician of the twentieth century will significantly affect the course of music made ​​a novelty; to reflect the voices of his century in the music worked. Though in almost all composers’ works, it is possible to see traces of their experiences. To hear the sounds of life, work them to reflect inherent feature of musicians. But Arthur Honegger’s a little different than his. He is the voice of nature, rather than the technology works reflected the voices. “Pacific 231” symphonic section of his work, was the subject of a train traveling at 120 mph starting from the operation of the train, and the road to get to speed of operation.

“Prophet David” dramatic psalm from announcing the name of Arthur Honegger, futurist (futuristic) music can be considered as the first practitioner. He wrote inspired by a rugby match “Rugby” his work may be included in the same category. For example, “futurist poetry of the pioneers of” accepted Soviet poet Mayakovsky based on poetry, lyricism and aesthetics of the bourgeois class biased values ​​Wipe off factory and mine workers, ordinary people, workers, mechanical man’s poetry should be written. This is not just poetry, especially the subject of other art forms, including music becomes. For example, the Russian composer Alexander Mossolof, “factory” in ballet piece called do that. American composer George Antheil “Mechanical Ballet” in his book uses a prop plane.

Italian painter Luigi Russolo at the same time “futurist musicians” is considered one of the pioneers. So, Russolo job a little more advanced, taking the technological sounds in an orchestra literally to express the orchestra, new instruments are required argued that an instrument creating machine sounds and other “technological noise” orchestra soundtrack has managed. “Great Awakening of a City” and “Car of the aircraft with the Gathering” in the works, Russolo’s music is possible to see the implementation of the new and contemporary understanding. Premiered in London in 1914 for the first time these works, in fact, technologically sound of musicians using futuristic imagination I think is significant because it shows how hard you push.

European art and thought in the beginning of change in the place is Italy. After the Renaissance, perhaps a new movement in art, futurism, which can be considered as well (according to some, this is a minor improvement) in 1909, an Italian artist, Filippo Tomasso begins with the declaration. The objective here is to capture the past, present and future elude. Even some of the futurist artists (such as Umberto Boccioni) past is dead, no longer speaks of the future needs to be edited. These opinions are widespread and found support.

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