Declaration of Futurism

Tomasso Marinetti’s Futurism founder and theoretician, in 1909 , published in Figaro ‘s versatile artistic manifesto of futurism in Article 10 of the purposes and principles have been detected . In this article, in a nutshell:

* Poetry basic items courage, audacity and revolt,

* Letters must be stripped from the recession and sluggishness. Topics to be covered in literature aggressive movements, is strife and fighting.

* The world has been enriched with a new beauty. New beauty is fast, is speed, engine power, crippling, grumbling Victoire de Samotrace than a racecar is beautiful.

* But the fight is nice. The attacker cannot be an unqualified masterpiece. Poetry must be aggressive towards unrecognized and unknown forces.

* Reference is at the highest point of the century. Should not be impossible to stay behind the door stood open. Time and space, is dead. According to obtain eternal unlimited speed, in absolute (absolute) is falling.

* The world’s only health is the drug war, militarism, feminism, self-interest should be damned, are called.

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