Recognize the rules of language and aesthetics, narrative method adopts a stray, coverage is aimed at art movements. T. Tzara in the first quarter of the 20th century under the leadership of his young poet was founded by a group. These young poets, in French, “toy wooden horse”, meaning “Dada” as the name for the current word they choose.

Established after the First World War is a current era of pessimism is reflected in dadaist. The basis on which a very short time because it is unfounded opinions (1916-1922) was able to survives.

Currents Features of Dadaism

– Dadaist believes that there is no value in mind.

– Dadaist who is suspicious of everything around them and does not believe in the accuracy of anything.

– This current, robust and sustained the conviction that nothing is affected by a philosophical works.

– Dadaist artists, people were willing to be surprised.

– Arguing against the conventional aesthetics, access to new experiments in language and form of the Dadaist, language, format, such concerns do not carry rhyme. Aesthetics are of no value because according to them.

– Of Dadaist, in an unconscious way of dreams, scroll to the dimensions of the soul uncontrollable confusion brought the art form to eliminate even think.

– Dadaism, the consciousness of a generation disorientated there is despair and rebellion.

Representatives of Dadaism

– Tristan Tzara

– Jean Arp

– Richard Hülsenbeck

– Marcel Janco

– Emmy Hennings

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