In Art and Architecture: Neo-Futurism

Coleridge’s suspension of disbelief in the limitations of a wide – scale urbanization has been denied by urbanists, architects, designers and artists who believe in cities releasing emotions, driven by eco – sustainability, values ​​and Implementing new materials and new technologies to Provide a better quality of life. Inspired by Futurist architect Antonio Sant Elia and Pioneered from the early 1960s and late 1970s by thought leader Hal Foster, French architect Denis Laming, American architects William Pereira and Charles Luckman and Danish architects Henning Larsen and Jørn Utzon. The neo- futurist avant – garde movement has been relaunched in 2007 by Vito Di Bari Design Innovation Expo 2015, Neo – Futurist architecture and art have been creatively inspired by Iraqi – British the Pritzker Prize architect Zaha Hadid and Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, Indian sculptor Anish Kapoor and Dutch kinetic sculptor Theo Jansen. Italian Innovation Designer Vito Di Bari is Considered the thought leader of the movement, feeling vision of the “cross- pollination of art and technology for a better world” has been defined by Steve Jobs as the “post-PC ” DNA and it is shared by acclaimed architects, designers and artists such as the youngest recipient ever of the Pritzker Prize Japanese architect Ryue Nishizawa, architect of EcoVilla in Curitiba and of the first rotating residential buildings Bruno de Franco, Design for Asia Award 2004-7-9 recipient Hong Kong Architect Gary Chang, Brazilian architect Rodrigo Ohtake, Lubetkin Prize Winner British designer Thomas Heatherwick, Design for Asia 2008 Award recipient Japanese artist Tokujin Yoshioka, Italian artist Mario Arlati, Polish artist Karina Smigl the A- Bobinski.

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Futurism in Music

Arthur Honegger’s name, except those who are interested in music is not a name that everyone knows. This Swiss musician of the twentieth century will significantly affect the course of music made ​​a novelty; to reflect the voices of his century in the music worked. Though in almost all composers’ works, it is possible to see traces of their experiences. To hear the sounds of life, work them to reflect inherent feature of musicians. But Arthur Honegger’s a little different than his. He is the voice of nature, rather than the technology works reflected the voices. “Pacific 231” symphonic section of his work, was the subject of a train traveling at 120 mph starting from the operation of the train, and the road to get to speed of operation.

“Prophet David” dramatic psalm from announcing the name of Arthur Honegger, futurist (futuristic) music can be considered as the first practitioner. He wrote inspired by a rugby match “Rugby” his work may be included in the same category. For example, “futurist poetry of the pioneers of” accepted Soviet poet Mayakovsky based on poetry, lyricism and aesthetics of the bourgeois class biased values ​​Wipe off factory and mine workers, ordinary people, workers, mechanical man’s poetry should be written. This is not just poetry, especially the subject of other art forms, including music becomes. For example, the Russian composer Alexander Mossolof, “factory” in ballet piece called do that. American composer George Antheil “Mechanical Ballet” in his book uses a prop plane.

Italian painter Luigi Russolo at the same time “futurist musicians” is considered one of the pioneers. So, Russolo job a little more advanced, taking the technological sounds in an orchestra literally to express the orchestra, new instruments are required argued that an instrument creating machine sounds and other “technological noise” orchestra soundtrack has managed. “Great Awakening of a City” and “Car of the aircraft with the Gathering” in the works, Russolo’s music is possible to see the implementation of the new and contemporary understanding. Premiered in London in 1914 for the first time these works, in fact, technologically sound of musicians using futuristic imagination I think is significant because it shows how hard you push.

European art and thought in the beginning of change in the place is Italy. After the Renaissance, perhaps a new movement in art, futurism, which can be considered as well (according to some, this is a minor improvement) in 1909, an Italian artist, Filippo Tomasso begins with the declaration. The objective here is to capture the past, present and future elude. Even some of the futurist artists (such as Umberto Boccioni) past is dead, no longer speaks of the future needs to be edited. These opinions are widespread and found support.

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Qualities of Dadaism

Continuation of Cubism:

Dadaizm of Cubist previously, appeared as a devaj. Just like cubism / ingredients have resisted before, has not only depict the external appearance of the subject, has tried to show the geometry of the mind. Thus, art, and sought to recover the goods from the surface.

Dadaism, later suddenly were deterred from these views and ideas. Everything, but everything began to rebel.

Skepticism in Dadaism:

Skepticism, positive or negative, there is no definite conclusions cannot, find a suitable way of thinking is to remain in doubt.

Dadaism, wandering back around to the accuracy of anything and did not believe in the existence. That goes beyond romance, argued that the mind has no value. The rear of the First World War as the meaninglessness of life and the nature of the shimmering efforts especially humorous literary artists (= humor) was snubbed by the way. All literary currents laughed. Understanding of literary art found in the different attitudes and efforts meaningless.

Time has occurred in a part of the psychological imbalance, and everything that makes an effort to counter the effects seen in America and even Dadaism was never long life, six years after the birth of the effect is lost.

Although this is such Dadaism, Switzerland, France and in other countries rampage at a meeting organized through the fuss, albeit sarcastic to the attention of the art world had been able to all. But his seat is flimsy foundations have collapsed quickly.

Dadaism, and was applied to the field of theater but does not deny the fact that not a great success.

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In Literature Dadaism

People from the bondage of the mind and the mind from the order established; The art of language, meter, rhyme, form, meaning to recover from anxiety; and customary meaning of the words known to combine aesthetic arrangement outside the rules of conduct; stereotypes all the systems, rules, traditions to deny, to break down; as a rule adopt on the basis of irregularity has been established.

During the First World War and the war that began in the years following confusion and pessimism, self and society in the corruption of morals, beliefs, shake, top and bottom values ​​to be; a deep despair, everything was met with suspicion by the younger generation in society and conventional in the art and destroy everything that has led to the rejection.

Tristan Tzara’s Larousse dictionary randomly from a young poet named hungry come across a page where “dada ” posed by the adoption of the word (February1916) Dadaism, severe resented.

The lack of precise information about the origin of the name but in French, ” toy wooden horse “, meaning “Dada” created by that person’s name is selected as literary movements are a sight direction.

Born and raised in Switzerland during the war in 1919-1920 in France in the period of the most ardent minds, in terms of recovery of prejudices found a positive side to this anarchist movement in 1922, has been mentioned, then replaced has left surrealism.

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Recognize the rules of language and aesthetics, narrative method adopts a stray, coverage is aimed at art movements. T. Tzara in the first quarter of the 20th century under the leadership of his young poet was founded by a group. These young poets, in French, “toy wooden horse”, meaning “Dada” as the name for the current word they choose.

Established after the First World War is a current era of pessimism is reflected in dadaist. The basis on which a very short time because it is unfounded opinions (1916-1922) was able to survives.

Currents Features of Dadaism

– Dadaist believes that there is no value in mind.

– Dadaist who is suspicious of everything around them and does not believe in the accuracy of anything.

– This current, robust and sustained the conviction that nothing is affected by a philosophical works.

– Dadaist artists, people were willing to be surprised.

– Arguing against the conventional aesthetics, access to new experiments in language and form of the Dadaist, language, format, such concerns do not carry rhyme. Aesthetics are of no value because according to them.

– Of Dadaist, in an unconscious way of dreams, scroll to the dimensions of the soul uncontrollable confusion brought the art form to eliminate even think.

– Dadaism, the consciousness of a generation disorientated there is despair and rebellion.

Representatives of Dadaism

– Tristan Tzara

– Jean Arp

– Richard Hülsenbeck

– Marcel Janco

– Emmy Hennings

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Futurism in Literature

This current leader and chief of the Italian poet, novelist, playwright and Filippo Tommaso Marinetti was the publication director. Marinetti in 1909 in Paris, “Le Figaro” newspaper published a manifesto in futurisit (Futurism Declaration) was the manifesto of futurism. In a statement, “We museums, libraries destroyed whether moralism, feminism, and all utilitarian cowardice will fight” was called. It was a denial of the past in its entirety. In the same statement, “We only really healthy thing in the world, that we glorify war and nice thoughts that leads to death” words, at that time in the political field since emerging from fascism were a clear indication of the attitude.

Speed ​​of the superiority claims and proclaimed Marinetti, a racecar of Samothrace victory (Greek sculpture) from the more beautiful it is, and in addition: “Surely we are living in,” because everywhere immanent, the “literary speed, we created.” he said.

Marinetti, founder of Futurism in Europe has affected many authors. Mayakovsky Velemir Hlebinikov in Russia and came to Futurism. Russian futurists have published their manifesto. Pushkin, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky was rejected. The use of street language in poetry was asked. After the revolution of 1917, the futurist movement was strengthened. Mayakovsky’s influence continued until his death.

Futuristic first in Italy in 1912 and has released an anthology of poetry. Futurism was identified with fascism. And towards the middle of the 1920s has lost its influence. Refuses to engage in logical sentence in the works of the futurist password, the word “freedom for”. Ezra Pound, DH Lawrence and Giovanni Papini authors who are affected by this current.

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Declaration of Futurism

Tomasso Marinetti’s Futurism founder and theoretician, in 1909 , published in Figaro ‘s versatile artistic manifesto of futurism in Article 10 of the purposes and principles have been detected . In this article, in a nutshell:

* Poetry basic items courage, audacity and revolt,

* Letters must be stripped from the recession and sluggishness. Topics to be covered in literature aggressive movements, is strife and fighting.

* The world has been enriched with a new beauty. New beauty is fast, is speed, engine power, crippling, grumbling Victoire de Samotrace than a racecar is beautiful.

* But the fight is nice. The attacker cannot be an unqualified masterpiece. Poetry must be aggressive towards unrecognized and unknown forces.

* Reference is at the highest point of the century. Should not be impossible to stay behind the door stood open. Time and space, is dead. According to obtain eternal unlimited speed, in absolute (absolute) is falling.

* The world’s only health is the drug war, militarism, feminism, self-interest should be damned, are called.

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